Tooth Coloured Fillings

If you have suffered from tooth decay then our Cheltenham dental experts will be able to fill that hole in and restore your tooth before extraction becomes necessary. Thanks to their colour matching that of your tooth, it will blend in nicely, leaving you with a more natural look. Inlays and onlays are also another cosmetic option to be considered.

Fillings are used to replace a part of the tooth lost to decay or damage but can be unsightly to some. This is why more recent developments have led to the tooth-coloured filling, so that the results of your restoration blend in more seamlessly.

Tooth-coloured fillings are custom made to suit you and your needs. Created from scratch to ensure they match your teeth in colour, shade and shape, once they are in place they will look just like your own natural teeth and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Previously white fillings were much weaker than the more obvious metal ones more widely used but these days they are much more durable and a tooth-coloured filling is now available that is strong enough to be situated anywhere in the mouth, at the front or back. You can even have metal fillings replaced if you happen to have any already and would prefer a less noticeable alternative.

Our skilled Cheltenham practitioners will be able to explain your options to you and help you find the best filling to restore your natural smile.


  • Prevents further tooth decay and damage.
  • Maintains the natural appearance of your teeth

What are the alternatives:

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